Steam shrink tunnel HF-1500M
HF-1500M is middle size steam shrink tunnel machine, used low-middle speed productions. for simple small sleeve labels , bottles caps or necks.
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  • Steam Shrink Sleeve Tunnel INTRODUCTION
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Steam Shrink Sleeve Tunnel

(1) Superb shrink finish with filled or cold bottles

(2) Windows are installed inside of tunnel’s body with water leaking holes, no water getting out.
(3) Steam tubes are made of SS316 with rubber wrapping.
(4)  Low running cost, 30kg steam/0.3~0.5Mpa.
(5)  6 Steam spray tubes are adjustable for complex shapes of bottles.
(6)  Exhausting blower is on the top of tunnel, its speed is adjustable.
(7)  Simple manual adjustment, and completed control.
(8)  Precise steam control by 3 digital handles for 3 areas, and saving steam.
(9)  Cancel outer water collection tray, sealed. Can be used for high speed applications.
(10) Full body of tunnel is made of SS304 stainless steel
(11) Strong and easy 0perational handles on windows.
(12) steam tubes are hided under tunnel, simple and generous



Length of tunnel


Main material


Braided steam soft tubes


Blower powder

Ø12, 0.25KW

Running pressure

Max 0.6Mpa



Steam consumption


Powder supply of blower


Entrance /exit height

Max 350mm

Entrance /exit width


Outline size (L*W*H, m)


* All specification and tooling requirements are subject to Accraply evaluation of all label and product samples. Specifications shown reflect standard machine capabilities. Accraply can also meet other specification requirements. Please email or call for details.
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