Steam shrink tunnel HF-2800M
HF-2800M steam tunnel, our new design, 2.8 meters long with 4-5 shrink areas. as a common model, works for almost bottles and sleeve labeling line.
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The HF-2800M Steam Label Shrinking Tunnel was designed and developed by HOWFOND company as a result of rapid growth in the use of shrink sleeves, particularly in the form of Sleeve Labels, which highlighted the need for low to high speed shrinking systems to match the performance of sleeve application machines such as the HF-250M,HF-400H sleeve labeling machine.
(1) Superb shrink finish with filled or cold bottles

(2) Windows are installed inside of tunnel’s body with water leaking holes, no water getting out.
(3) Steam tubes are made of SS316
(4) Low running cost, 60kg steam/hour, 0.4~0.6Mpa.

(5) 8 Steam spray tubes are adjustable for complex shapes of bottles.

Available shrink area 2.3~2.4meters, the rest area is used to avoid steam out from two ends of Tunnel.
(6) Exhausting blower is on the top of tunnel, and 6 valves.

2345 valves are used to control temperature inside, 16 valves to extract steam from two ends.

(7) Simple to adjust pipe position and angles, 3 directions.
The black handle is used to adjust the distance between two pipes to suit different bottles.

There are 4 black handles to adjust 8 steam pipes
(8) Precise steam precise control by 4 digital handles for 4 areas, and saving steam.
(9)  Cancel outer water collection tray, sealed. Can be used for high speed applications.

(10) temperatures inside of tunnel is showed by two thermometers, and one Pressure gauge.
(11) Full body of tunnel is made of SS304 stainless steel.

(12) Strong and easy 0perational handles on windows.
(13) steam tubes are hided inside, simple and generous, and avoid hurting by hot steam.

(14) water outlet/water collection tray to avoid getting ground wet.



Length of tunnel

2.7~3.0 meters

Main material


Braided steam soft tubes


Blower powder

Ø12, 0.25KW

Running pressure

Max 0.6Mpa



Steam consumption


Powder supply of blower


Entrance /exit height

Max 350mm

Entrance /exit width


Outline size (L*W*H, m)


* All specification and tooling requirements are subject to Accraply evaluation of all label and product samples. Specifications shown reflect standard machine capabilities. Accraply can also meet other specification requirements. Please email or call for details.
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